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Written by Lory Smith, Cold Spring, NY   
Wednesday, 22 April 2009 13:44

Welcome to my new blog.  I have just come up from my basement work shop where I've been working on a large painting on plywood.  I've been feeling a bit lost lately, too much splattering, which feels good at the moment but I finally figured out works best as a background, not foreground.  I find it difficult to break away from my vocabulary, so I relent and try to make order out of chaos, but keep enough of the chaos in the picture to make it layered and interesting.  As usual, when I finished I turned on the radio hoping for a title, and sure enough, there it was, provided by none other than James Carville, poor bastard.  He said, "My mind is made up" and it became  "Mind Made Up" because it fit better in the space I had to work with.  This is how most of my art gets made.  A general working through and then finding the answers all around me.

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Written by Lory Smith   
Saturday, 14 March 2009 15:32
surreal golf comedy

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