Monty Diamond Collector, New York Print E-mail
     Lory Smith is like the Keith Haring of the West. His work is like a membrane between the seen and the unseen world. A cross somewhere between Indian Space painting infused with the energy of the East Village art of the 80's, with a healthy dose of humor thrown in for good measure. He's as prolific as Picasso and as baffling as Basquiat. I love this guy and own as many pieces as I can get my hands on. He's going to be somebody's meal ticket for a long time to come.
David Gagon, Deseret News Print E-mail
Smith's visually captivating, vibrantly colored work is like a marriage of Geronimo and "My Favorite Martian". We encounter designs that are surrealistic, primitive, innocent and not unlike a child's first foray into drawing. However Smith's iconography and draftsmanship is anything but childlike. His incredible colors and bold lines will charm everyone. His Picasso-esque work has created an impression that won't soon be forgotten.

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