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Go to Pastels GalleryAs a self-taught artist, a sense of personal discovery is important to me. Often using found materials and mediums most readily available to me, has instilled a simple yet pure resilience to my work. I began my serious artistic investigations in 1976 as a junk sculptor because I was living on a farm and surrounded by rusting farm implements. I began my pastel on paper drawings in 1984 with a set of pastel chalks from a set my mother had given me back in the 1960's.


Go to Oils Gallery Less reliant on technique or strategy, my art communicates an emotional response, often a humorous one, to the seen and unseen world around us. Spontaneity is fundamental to the work. I like to explore and take chances. Mystery, humor, whimsy, innocence and a strong sense of place are all important elements in my work. I consider myself a primitive who is combining elements of nativism with a modern palette layered with autobiographical details and a sense of wonder at the landscape of life. Making art for me is a daily passion. I think the work communicates a vibrant positive message about the power and possibilities of creativity. People enjoy living and working around it and that doubles my happiness.


One Man Show Amazingly, the art works in a variety of environments, from traditional to contemporary to modern. Even though I've been dedicated to my art for the past twenty years, I've hardly even started. I can't wait to see what I come up with in the future. Every day adds to the magic. We are all just standing on each other's shoulders.

Lory Smith
New York City


Lory Smith

Lory has been creating his art for over twenty years. His work is in over 150 private and corporate collections around the world. Collectors include Saudi Arabian Ambassador Prince Bandar,  the Sackler family, art scions who have donated wings to  the Metropolitan Museum and The Smithsonian, and many prominent members of the film and television industry.


Originally from Utah, Lory now resides in the Soho district of New York, and 65 miles up the Hudson River In Cold Spring.

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